Bull & Butterfly /

It’s busy times in Playa Vista, with yet another new restaurant heading towards the tech-heavy hotbed — and this one has a few very notable names behind it. The new restaurant, lovingly called Bull & Butterfly, comes to the neighborhood by way of Alan and Heidi Jackson...

Keys to Creating a Memorable Experience

Due - in large part - to technology and the number of electronic devices we have, today's consumers are busy. They are also increasingly cautious about where they spend their hard-earned money and are incredibly adept at researching businesses before buying...

Chama Mama /

The restaurant is the passion project of Tamara Chubinidze, a footwear-industry entrepreneur-turned-ambassador of her native cuisine. The chef, Nino Chiokadze, used to cook for the president of Georgia...

ArcLight /

The opening of ArcLight Boston is part of the company's plan to expand its movie-going focus and amenities to guests everywhere. ArcLight Boston marks ArcLight's third major metropolitan area outside of California, including Bethesda, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois. Boston has a vibrant community with a long history of avid movie-going...

Fle Fle Grill /

Out of nowhere, Fle Fle Grill recently emerged at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 23rd Street, on the site of a closed bakery. A sign offering $4.95 falafels has drawn the public in, but this quick-service eatery with some raised counter seating has plenty more culinary attractions...

Juliana / Meet

We sat down with Simmer's newest team member, Juliana Pesavento and learned all about pizza, hospitality and what it takes to succeed in the ever changing work of f&b...

Lemonade /

Two health-minded fast-casual brands, Lemonade and Modern Market Eatery, have joined forces under the newly created Modern Restaurant Concepts company...

Meg /

Catch up with Megan Wiseman, Simmer's Art Director, as she talks about design, inspiration, pets, living in NYC and more...

Dalup /

Dalup Modern Indian — a 2,700-square-foot fast-casual Indian restaurant concept outfitted with a dosa-making robot — is scheduled to open in New York City in May in partnership with consulting firm LJR Hospitality Ventures and creative agency Simmer Group...

5 Things to Know Before Scaling

Your hard work has finally paid off. Your restaurant is a booming success. Customers are lining up to enjoy your popular menu, and your employees are thriving. You could sit back and watch the money roll in, but you have bigger dreams. You've paid your dues. Now, it's time to strike while the iron's hot, and capitalize on your success with expansion...

Mint Kitchen /

Mint Kitchen focuses on Israeli food, and instead of following the typical customizable bowl format that a lot of NYC Mediterranean and Middle Eastern concepts adhere to, the menu comprises complete, set dishes, like chicken breast with a sesame rub...

Patent Pending /

If you run a creative agency that designs bars and brands for clients, you probably considered opening a bar of your own at some point. That’s the origin story behind Patent Pending, a cafe in the NoMad area of Manhattan that transforms into a speakeasy-style bar at night...


Lotsa Balls /

With a creative mocktail menu (it’s BYO or New Jersey wine by the glass) to add even more flavor to the experience, it’ll be clear after the first visit that this isn’t a gimmick or a fad, but a well thought out communal dining experience that shows there’s more to meatballs than the traditional options. Lotsa balls. No strikes.

Wow! /

Wow Donuts and Drips in Plano was two years in the making. Opened in December near the Shops at Willow Bend, this is not your typical doughnut place. General manager David Sim put a lot of research into the concept...

Restaurant Design Tips

As a restaurant owner or operator, your livelihood hinges on your ability to entice patrons to walk through your front door and return time after time. In order to achieve this goal, you have to remain a step ahead of your competitors at all times. Below is a look at the top 10 restaurant design trends and how they can help your restaurant prosper...

Upside Pizza /

What Mr. Grossman and his partners are trying to do at Upside Pizza, which opened in January on Eighth Avenue at 39th Street, is to approach the New York City slice joint with the same culinary rigor associated with top-flight chefs and white-tablecloth restaurants...


Create a Culture /
Not a Brand

You may have a great idea for your brand, but how do you make the idea a reality? Whether you are starting from scratch or rebranding, your idea should be more than just a skin-deep concept; it should be an all-encompassing, deeply-rooted culture throughout your organization.

Touchpoints /
Why they Matter

When your guests interact with your store, you have relatively few opportunities to get your message across and make an impression. From bagdrops to point-of-purchase signage, customer touchpoints are everywhere throughout your store--but you must make each one count to make the most of your customer interactions. You must capitalize on every opportunity to touch your guests in a memorable way.